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6.19.2. MBX dualcore Overview

This example demonstrate how MBX works. Core 0 will send message to core 1 which will echo back what’s been received. Board Setting

debug console for core1 can be found in Pin Description for specific board Running the Example

To run this example, a dual core debug script and two gdb client will be needed.

  • start openocd with the config file for dual core, then two gdbserver will listen to two ports for each core dualcore_openocd

  • generate and build projects for each core using ninja

    • generate and build project for core0 with ninja build_core0

    • generate and build project for core1 with ninja build_core1

  • start two gdb clients and connect two each port

    • connect and load application for core0 to port 3333 gdb_core0

    • connect and load application for core1 to port 3334 gdb_core1

  • start console application connecting to two consoles console

  • start to run application for each core, following content should be shown on debug console

    • for core0: core0_console_output

    • for core1: core1_console_output

    • once core1 application starts, core1 will receive messages from core0 then send them back, then in the console of core0: core0_console_output2