This is the documentation for the latest (main) development branch of HPM SDK. If you are looking for the documentation of previous releases, use the drop-down menu on the left and select the desired version.

6.11. GPIOM

6.11.1. Overview

The GPIOM example shows how to use GPIOM to configure pin control module, and use the specific control module to change outpin level.

6.11.2. Board Setting

No special settings are required.

6.11.3. Running the example

When the example runs successfully, the LED will flash 5 times, and the following message is displayed in the terminal:

> gpio example
> using gpiom configures pin control module
> toggling led 5 times in total
> toggling led 1/5 times
> toggling led 2/5 times
> toggling led 3/5 times
> toggling led 4/5 times
> toggling led 5/5 times