This is the documentation for the latest (main) development branch of HPM SDK. If you are looking for the documentation of previous releases, use the drop-down menu on the left and select the desired version.

6.4. CAN Demo

6.4.1. Overview

The can_demo provides the following features:

  • loopback test for all SoC supported CAN controllers, focusing on the CAN and CAN-FD test

  • loopback test for the board supported CAN controllers using interrupt mode

  • Dual-board Echo test

  • Send out multiple messages for the CAN bus connection check

6.4.2. Board Setting

No special settings are required

6.4.3. Running the example

When the example runs successfully, the board shows the following menu:

*                                                                               *
*                         CAN Example Menu                                      *
*                                                                               *
* 0 - Run loopback test for all supported CAN controllers (CAN and CANFD)       *
* 1 - Run loopback test for board supported CAN controller (interrupt mode)     *
* 2 - Echo test between two board:initiator                                     *
* 3 - Echo test between two board:responder                                     *
* 4 - Send mulitple messages for transmission check                             *
*                                                                               *
********************************************************************************* Note:

  • For option 0 and option 1, users can start the test by typine the option directly

  • For option 2 and 3, users must connect two boards and run this demo, start the responder first, then start the initiator.

  • For option 4, users must ensure that the board is attached to a valid CAN bus. If the board is connected to a CAN monitor, and users can see multiple messages will be sent out after this option is chosen.