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15.6. LVGL Coremark Demo

15.6.1. Overview

Multi-core LVGL coremark example project runs the “LittleVGL coremark” example on core0 and core1.

In this project:

  • There are two buttons shown on the GUI, users can run the dual-core coremark by clicking “Start” button and switch among different frequencies by clicking the button with the current core frequency shown on it.

15.6.2. Board Setting

BOOT_PIN should be configured to 0-OFF, 1-OFF

15.6.3. Generate and Build Multi-core projects

In this project, the core0 application runs in FLASH while the core1 application runs in its own ILM

Core0 project must be generated first, as a linked project, Core1 project will be generated automatically

Core0 project must be built after the Core1 project has been built successfully. Generate core0 project

CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE must be one of the following options:

  • *”flash_sdram_xip”

  • *”flash_sdram_xip_release”

15.6.4. Running the example

  • Download the core0 example to the target, dis-connect the debugger probe and reset the board

When the project runs successfully, there are two buttions:

  • “Start”

  • “Frequency Switch”

Users can clock the “Start” button to start the dual-core coremark benchmarking User can click the Frequence Switch button to switch different frequencies