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14.1. BLDC Trapezoidal Wave Control

14.1.1. Overview

Bldc_block project demonstrates speed control of the BLDC.

  • Control by trapezoidal wave algorithm

14.1.2. Configurations


This code does not support any compilation optimization, please turn off compilation optimization

14.1.3. Running the Demo

The motor runs at a speed of 20r/s. The following data can be configured by serial console :

speed float, range +40~-40, unit r/s.

The serial console message is as follows:

Mode selection:
0. Location mode.
1. Speed mode.
Enter mode code:
Speed mode, motor run, speed is: 20.000000.
Input speed:

Speed mode, motor run, speed is: 10.500000.
Input speed:


Pay attention to the current size, when abnormalities occur, please cut off the power at any time