This is the documentation for the latest (main) development branch of HPM SDK. If you are looking for the documentation of previous releases, use the drop-down menu on the left and select the desired version.

5. Expansion Boards

5.1. DRV-LV50A-MP1907 Motor Driver Board

  • Connect J12, J7, J6 to HW, HV, HW

  • Connect VCC of J10 to 3V3

  • Connect the three phases of the motor U, V, W and J4

  • Plug the signal cable of the motor into the J14 socket

  • Connect 24V power supply to J3


1. **Note the direction of the positive and negative power supply**
2. **Never operate with electricity**
3. **Apply power to the motor driver board and observe whether the current is abnormal**
4. **Make sure the motor driver board is powered down before proceeding to the next step**
  • Connecting the HPM6750EVK and DRV-LV50A-MP1907

    • J8 of the HPM6750EVK is connected to J12 of the DRV-LV50A-MP1907。Be careful to check the silkscreen, do not insert the reverse

    • The figure below shows the overall effect, with red boxes marking the locations of the devices that may need to be operated:


5.2. HPM6750EVKMINI-TO-Motor Motor Expansion Board

  • To be used withDRV-LV50A-MP1907 Motor Driver Board

  • Connected with j2 and j3 plug-ins

  • The HPM6750EVKMINI-TO-Motor motor expansion board, HPM6750EVKMINI board and DRV-LV50A-MP1907 motor driver board are connected as follows:


5.3. LCD-800480W070TC Display

  • Seven-inch screen, 480*800 resolution

  • Touch operation support, GT911 5-Point Capacitive Touch Controller