This is the documentation for the latest (main) development branch of HPM SDK. If you are looking for the documentation of previous releases, use the drop-down menu on the left and select the desired version.

1.3. lv_demo_music

1.3.1. Overview

The music player demo shows what kind of modern, smartphone-like user interfaces can be created on LVGL, and can play music.

Please refer to official lv_demos github

1.3.2. Project Configuration

  • In the file cmakelists.txt, set a matched audio codec type according to the development board schematic,e.g. “set(CONFIG_CODEC “sgtl5000”)”

1.3.3. Board Settings

Attach LCD panel to the board LCD interface.

Attach MicroSD card that stores songs in WAV format into the card slot;

According to project configuration, connect speaker to DAO interface if using DAO as player, connect headphone to headphone interface if using audio codec as player.

1.3.4. Running the Demo

littlevgl music will be shown on the LCD panel and can operate play/pause, next, previous.


1.3.5. Remark

As framebuffer occupies a large amount of memory, please specify CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE as flash_sdram_xip. The following commands can be executed:

cmake -GNinja -DBOARD=hpm6750evkmini -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=flash_sdram_xip ..